Championing Foster and At-Risk YouthWe empower forerunners.

By the numbersThe problem we aim to solve.

There are many kids in San Diego suffering the effects of failing schools and downtrodden neighborhoods. These children often come from neglectful homes and have no one to turn to for support. At school, overstretched resources make it difficult for them to get the attention they need, and ultimately achieve the success they deserve.


attend schools that rank in the bottom 30%.


of those in prison were once in foster care.


will not receive a high school diploma.


of former foster youth will attend college.


of the 10% who attend college will finish.

It starts with educationTutoring & mentorship.

It’s important for children to have role models they can trust, a safe and supportive learning environment, and the ability to believe in themselves. A sense of routine in an otherwise uncertain situation can mean everything to foster youth, and we promise reliable, personalized and structured lessons with a dependable adult mentor. These specialized tutors hold students accountable and encourage them to pursue learning opportunities and outside activities to supplement each lesson. Over time, we believe this invaluable one-on-one guidance will help children build healthy relationships, discover new interests, and earn an education that will provide a strong foundation for a fulfilling future.


Real impactRead stories from our youth.

1,200 Tutoring Hours / Year

Currently, Xtreme Youth provides approximately 1,200 hours of tutoring and 100 hours of mentoring to foster youth in San Diego each year.

100% Progress

Every student we have worked with has increased their GPA and moved onto next grade level.

From a CASAThe power of support.

I'm Anna, (S.A)'s CASA, and I just wanted to send you an update. You generously sponsored my foster kid's tutoring over a year ago. (S.A) moved to San Bernardino County this past May, and recently she re-enrolled at SiaTech in Oceanside. Now, she has one class left to complete her degree, Spanish. I found (S.A) a tutor from the University of Redlands, and she's excited and motivated to graduate.

Without your earlier support, she would have dropped out of high school. No question.

I'll keep you updated on her progress. But I wanted to let you know that your efforts have made a difference in one person's life.

From a studentAn inspiring trip to DC.

"My name is (M.S.), and I am writing this letter to thank you for donating money for my D.C. trip. Now, because you helped by donating I will be able to go on my trip and have great experiences. On my trip we will be going on tours and learning about history in museums. We also will get to see the Statue of Liberty and watch Broadway musicals. I once again wholeheartedly thank you for donating the money."

From one of our tutorsFrom trying to triumph.

When I first met V and J, their grades weren’t in the best places. They were passing, but that was it. My job was to help them get their grades up, one step at a time, to Bs and ultimately As.

And although grades were our primary goal, I would always check on how they were doing socially at school. Were they making friends? Were they getting bullied? It was wonderful to hear that they were developing healthy relationships with other students!

Their math grades improved to A’s and B’s! And although this is incredible progress, they will have to continue working hard and practicing self-discipline.

J will be graduating soon! He has been talking about going to college to pursue his interest in the culinary arts.  

My goal is to help J navigate the application process so he’ll be able to apply for future opportunities with confidence, putting his best foot forward.

*Update on J 1/1/21*

In the spring of 2020, J’s father died.  J’s mentor kept in close contact and J navigated through yet another dry valley in his childhood.  As difficult as his life has been up till now, he has remained undaunted in his efforts to move forward.

In June of 2020, J graduated high school!  The first in his family to do so.  He is currently attending college in the San Diego area pursuing a degree in the Culinary Arts!  Xtreme Youth gave him a brand new Google Chromebook to congratulate him for his hard work, and set him up for success for his new life in college over zoom.  J finished his first semester in college with flying colors and his mentor has been by his side the entire time, consistently encouraging him and helping to keep him on track for success! 

What J has gone through these last 3 years of his life, he could never have anticipated.  Being taken from his home, separated from his family, placed in a new school,  and experiencing the death of a parent.  Xtreme Youth was able to offer him a tutor, who became a mentor, and is now a friend.   Mentors to children in foster care have immeasurable positive impact.  J is very thankful, and is on his way to realizing his dream, and creating an exciting new legacy for his family.

From one of our tutorsGame-changing outlook.

S.A. is extremely motivated to finish high school. S.A. has never had such a positive outlook on school, so tutoring has been extremely helpful so far.

From a case workerChanging lives through tutoring.

The tutor is doing an incredible job; not only academically but by being the boys’ mentor/role model.  He is going above and beyond and the family and the kids are responding very well, both academically and mentally as it is influencing their self-esteem and hope/drive!

The boys’ mother reports she is extremely grateful for the tutoring and she can see the boys are excited and ready to work when the tutor comes to the house. She explains that the tutor helps the boys in math and English but he also sparks self-motivation and confidence which allows them to work harder independently.

The teacher reports that the tutoring is definitely helping. The biggest area of improvement that she noticed is J's confidence at school and his stamina to stay focused longer. She is also seeing more consistency in J completing unfinished math class work, but still struggles with his reading homework.

I believe that the support of Xtreme Youth in continuing tutoring for I.M, I.M, & J.M will help break the family cycle by setting them up for a productive and successful future!