vision for tomorrowRevealing hope for the future to foster and at-risk homeless youth in San Diego.

Based in San Diego, Xtreme Youth invests in foster and at risk children, both financially and educationally. We’re passionate about helping kids think ahead to their futures, see the value of education, and understand how learning can help them overcome barriers throughout their lives.

our ongoing missionStart with education.

"A positive PK-12 education experience has the potential to be a powerful counterweight to the abuse, neglect, separation, impermanence, and other barriers these vulnerable students experience. Additionally, participation in and persistence to a postsecondary credential can enhance their well-being, help them make more successful transitions to adulthood, and increase their chances for personal fulfillment and economic self-sufficiency.”

- U.S. Department of Education

Many people are surprised to learn about the realities of a youth’s life in foster care. All of the children currently in the system have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. With education not being a priority in the household, these children come into the foster care system at a great learning deficit that Xtreme Youth is able to step into, giving these children a chance to flourish.

At Xtreme Youth, our mission is to grant access to quality education and one-on-one mentorship. We know every child is different, but with someone dedicated to championing their success on the individual level, every child can reach their full potential.

Education is everything, allowing kids to build strong self-confidence and character. That’s why we do everything we can to stay with each child as long as their case is open and frequently after it closes, supporting them as they pursue high school diplomas and ultimately attend college or trade school. With every session, we want to show children that they, too, have what it takes to build and chase their dreams.


our approachHow we support foster and at-risk youth.

  • Mentors + tutors

    Our trained mentors and tutors support growth and development from all angles by creating a stable, welcoming and supportive learning environment for every child. They tailor their sessions to meet each child’s individual needs and guide them as they become competent students and capable young adults.

  • Practical support

    While we focus primarily on tutoring, we also provide the peripheral support necessary to facilitate learning. When needed, we cover expenses for school supplies, testing fees, vision correction, and in some cases, sports and private lessons.

  • Post-grad support

    When students make it all the way to college graduation, they often find themselves unable to navigate adult decisions such as applications, car loans, and living on their own. Our mentors assist and guide them in moving towards becoming productive and self-sufficient adults.

Who We AreWhat Makes Us Unique.

Xtreme Youth offers services beyond case closure, to the age of 25 if needed. We also pay our tutors and mentors for their time rather than requesting volunteers. This helps compensate for the difficult times everyone is currently in, extreme gas prices and the fact that our tutors need to travel all over San Diego during peak traffic hours to meet with their individual students. Xtreme Youth greatly values the people we hire and are thankful for them extending their time to the lives of kids who need a friend and consistent guidance.

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The GoalChange their world so they become world changers.

Children will remember their experiences with Xtreme Youth forever, drawing from their educations for the rest of their lives. With a strong foundation of self-confidence, they’ll believe in their ability to champion change in their own homes, communities and beyond. Investing in kids is investing in the future, and we hope you’ll join us in our mission.